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Friday, August 17, 2012

Aap Geele Hain!

Agar aap class mein clock dekhne ke bahaane peeche baithe ladkiyon ko check-out karte hain, to kasam Indian Penal Code, dafha 420 ki, Aap Geele Hain!

Agar aap midterms ke waqt sirf ladies ke doubts solve karte hai, ya sirf ladies logon ke Facebook posts koh "like" karte hain, toh kasam Playboy founder Hugh Hefner ki, Aap Geele Hain!

Agar aap MALES-ONLY team-members ke project groups mein besharmi se FREE-RIDE karte hai, aur apna saara effort ladies-waale group projects mein lagaate hai impress karne ke liye, to kasam Feminine Activists ke high-pitched slogans ki, Aap Geele Hain!


  1. :D Sounds funny, but what exactly does 'geele' here mean? :P

  2. Hi DFSK! This is one of the ambiguously-defined terms used colloquially in IIM C :P This post is a collection of some of the wacky ones found on the FB walls (and will be updated from time to time) of IIM C folks :D